Tessa & Scott = Awesome.

On February 22, 2010, Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir became the first North Americans to win the Olympic ice dance competition. They have been partners since 1997, sacrificed much for their training, and achieved a well-earned Olympic gold medal in Vancouver. Tessa and Scott always exude confidence and grace, both on-ice and off-ice. I think it’s safe to say that Canada never once doubted that they would win the Olympics because they are such a strong team.

Recently, I purchased their new biography, Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold. It’s written by Tessa, Scott, and Steve Milton (sportswriter), with a foreword by Tracy Wilson (former Canadian ice dancer, 1988 Olympic bronze medalist). If you’re a die hard fan of Tessa and Scott, you have to get this book because it is packed with cute photos from when they were young, and full of tidbits about the pair that you wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.

But hey, I’m not here to advertise for the book. I only mention it because it has revealed to me that Tessa and Scott’s journey to their Olympic Gold was not as smooth as I had imagined. Of course I have appreciated the fact that training for the Olympics must not have been easy, but I didn’t know that there were many times of doubt about whether or not they would be ready for the Olympics.

In fall of 2008, Tessa received surgery for her chronic exertional compartment syndrome, which had been causing massive pain in her shins. After recovery from the surgery, the ice dance pair had to alter their training routines because Tessa could not skate for long before her shins became too painful to endure. All throughout the rest of the 2008-2009 season, and the 2009-2010 season, Tessa continually received physiotherapy for her legs to help with the rehabilitation. Even during the last few training sessions in Vancouver before their first performance, Tessa was plagued by the pain in her legs. But did the public see any of this? No.

During the time leading up to the Olympics, Tessa and Scott put up a strong and positive front; they didn’t let us see any of the pain, doubt, and frustration they had, because they didn’t want to cause bias amongst ice dance judges. And they were successful, as it is reflected in my oblivion.

I have always known that Scott and Tessa are professionals, but now my respect for them has multiplied a million-fold. I admire Tessa for being so strong throughout her injury and recovery, Scott for being so supportive, and the both of them for sticking with each other through thick and thin to ultimately achieve their childhood dream. And also for being beautiful skaters. 😀

Tessa and Scott’s story is a perfect example that nothing ever comes easy. They are my inspiration to work and study harder, as I tank my way through university to become what I want to become.

Now I just have to meet them. 🙂


Source:Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, with Steve Milton; foreword by Tracy Wilson. House of Anansi Press; 2010.

Image: Getty Images via Daylife


Vancouver 2010 Olympics – DAY 11 – Ice Dance Free Dance

So I have no time to post tonight…but


London and Ilderton, Ontario, as well as the whole of Canada are so proud and happy for you!


I promise I will post on them later.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics – DAY 10 – Ice Dance Original

Okay so I don’t have much time to blog tonight, but I just want to say… TESSA AND SCOTT ARE SO HOT! (lol that rhymed!)

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir’s original dance tonight was a fiery Flamenco. They were not the last to dance, but their powerful performance was one of those that kept everyone captivated with every free leg extension and turn of their gorgeous faces, until the intense ending to their perfect dance brought everyone to their feet. Even me, at home, I was jumping up and down and squealing like a pig on drugs after their dance was over. (I felt a bit bad for Belbin & Agosto for having to skate after them.) Their score, like their dance, did not disappoint: 68.41, bringing their running total score to 111.15…putting them into first place!
(Photo by Getty Images, from ctvolympics.ca)

USA’s Meryl Davis & Charlie White performed an amazing Indian folk dance, earning them 67.08 to put them into second place with a score of 108.55.
The Russians Domnina and Shabalin landed in 3rd spot after an Australian aboriginal dance with absurd costumes…and not quality dancing either. Their running total is 106.60.
USA’s Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto are in 4th position with 103.33.
Canada’s Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier are now in 17th spot with 79.31. Not bad, kids!

Tomorrow night…Pacific Coliseum…Canada will be watching the most talented Canadian ice dance pair that we have seen in a long time : Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I am NOT going to jinx it by asking if they will win a certain colour of medal, but there is no doubt that Canada is hoping for it along with Tessa and Scott. Best of luck to them, and I can’t wait to be emotionally moved by their free dance again. no matter what results come out of it! =)

Oh and I should have mentioned this earlier, but you can rewatch everything on ctvolympics.ca! Without the commentary though…I think.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics – DAY 8 – Ice Dance Compulsory

Tonight I couldn’t wait to turn on the TV because it was the start of the Ice Dance competition! This compulsory dance was Tango Romantica.

Russia’s Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin are currently in 1st spot with a score of 43.76. Their score, however, raised questions over the judging panel…some international judges thought that they should not have scored so high because of some lack of quality and did not have the level of expression of Canada’s Virtue & Moir (!!!!) or USA’s Davis & White. There is fear that a Russia-favouring jury could benefit these Russians. Well, this problem isn’t mine to discuss. I only hope that there will not be another scandal like the one that happened two Olympics ago in Salt Lake City that almost costed Jamie Sale & David Pelletier their Gold. I hope that the Gold will be awarded to the most deserving ice dance pair, whoever it will be.
(visit CTVolympics.ca for more on the current controversy.)

Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skated last and came in a very close second at 42.74. (More on them later!) USA’s Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who share coaches with Virtue & Moir, came in third at 41.47. USA’s Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto are 4th with 40.83.
(Picture from ctvolympics.ca)
Canada’s surprise team of Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier came in 15th after a great skate with 31.14. (I say surprise because they won the second Olympics Canadian ice dance spot from the anticipated Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje at Nationals in January!)

Now…for the main subject of this post: Tessa and Scott.I can’t even begin to express how much I love them! I love them to bits! Okay, enough with the craziness. But seriously, who wouldn’t like watching them? Their tango tonight (last dance of the night) was sizzling hot! Rumour has it that they may have also danced the last tango in ice dance history, because the ISU(International Skating Union) will be voting soon to shorten the Ice Dance competition…and there won’t be a compulsory dance.
(Picture by Getty Images, from ctvolympics.ca)

Tessa and Scott are such a beautiful and talented pairing with undeniable chemistry that draws me in with each and every dance that they dance. They have been skating together since Tessa was 7 and Scott was 9, and now they are 20 and 22, respectively. On ice, off ice, they have so much respect for one another…they are so cute! I can’t help but wonder if they are a couple off ice…so far with every interview, Tessa has either skillfully deflected the question or warped her answer to seem like she is answering the question but really is not.

Click on this picture to watch a super cute interview of them on CTV!
Here, Tessa says maybe…teehee!

Their cuteness aside, they really are a very talented pair of ice dancers. Commentators have said many many times: they have the potential to take ice dance to a whole new level. That said, they really are Canada’s hope for an Olympic Gold medal! Every dance that I have watched them skate has been flawless, if not almost perfect, and I hope they continue to ride this wave all through to their free dance and knock down any judging biases.

My favourite Tessa & Scott dance, of all time, will have to be their free dance to Mahler’s 5th Symphony. I first fell in love with this dance at Skate Canada in November 2009 when they performed a spell-binding version of it.
Unfortunately, the good version of it got deleted on Youtube, so here is their free dance at 2010 Nationals (just as good!) Just click on the picture to go to the link.
Their lifts are so amazing, and my favourite move is what they call “Goose,” where Tessa balances on Scott’s right thigh, then jumps up and Scott catches her. So beautiful!

I absolutely cannot wait to watch it at the Olympics free dance on Monday! (Apparently Tessa has another new dress for it!) But up next – Original Dance on Sunday. =)