Long Time No Post

Hey everyone.

So it’s been a month since I last posted…I guess I’ve just been too busy slash lazy. And I’ve decided to post something tonight/day (it IS 12:09am now) because I am feeling kind of weird after getting pwned on the Biology exam and maybe posting will make me feel less weird.

So what to talk about.

Well, Science One is almost over. It’s a bit frightening to think back to last June, when I had almost settled for being a CSP kid. I know am so grateful for my parents, my friends, and my highschool teachers for believing in me and encouraging me to take up the Science One challenge, because Science One has got to be one of the best things that has happened to me.

Now that I look back on the year, I realize that I have learned and grown a lot. I have become more knowledgeable not only in subject areas, but I have also gained more skills to better cope with stressful workloaded and exam situations. I have learned what it truly means to prioritize. I have also learned to use Microsoft Outlook to its full capacity. It is now my new agenda.

Was Science One a challenge? Sure. But it wasn’t like hell at all. It was challenging because it took skill to balance all the work that was thrown at me (and some of that work was pretty challenging and time consuming), but overall I really enjoyed myself. Sometimes, when I talk to my friends who are in General Science, it seems that they had more work than we did.

One thing that made Science One less painful? The people I have met! First, the professors, who are all quite amazing people. Despite varying levels of teaching capabilities, they were all for the sole purpose of teaching us and helping us learn in the best possible ways. Second, and most importantly, my classmates. In Science One, I have met some of the most wonderful people. We’ve laughed at each other’s nerdy jokes without being embarrassed, we’ve poked each other during lectures to keep each other awake, but we have also helped each other get through homework and studying. I know that the friends I have made in Science One will last a lifetime, and that many of us will be amused to see one another in classes at UBC for years to come.

If I were given the choice of Science One or CSP again, which one would I choose?
Need I even answer that? ;P


The Speech that I Prepared and Never got to Present. =(

Too bad there wasn’t enough time for me to give my speech…not that I really needed it, since I won by default, but I still would’ve liked to show people that I am capable of speech-giving and am not just some wuss who got to be secretary just because nobody else ran for it!

So here is my speech, for those of you who read this blog.

Hi everyone!
In case you didn’t know already, my name is Joan, and I am running for the position as Secretary for next year’s SOS.
It would mean so much to me if you guys could vote for me!
I know that I am an excellent candidate for this position because
First – I am very organized. Those of you who have ever seen my Microsoft Outlook, which serves as my agenda, will agree. I will be most competent in keeping SOS organized!
Second – I am creative. As secretary I will not only fulfill my own duties and send awesome newsletters, but I will also contribute to new ideas for exciting events next year!
Third, and most importantly, I take this position seriously and I truly want to take an active part in helping to make next year’s Science One gang have a more memorable time.
Now I have a little analogy of what I believe that my role means.
Let’s say that someone wants to make yummy jello. However, this person has no container in which to pour in the jello powder, add the hot water, stir the mixture, and let it cool. True, this person could make little portions of jello on the table, but who wants to eat jello off of a table, no matter how good that jello is? So, in this analogy, this person represents the SOS committee, and the missing container is, of course, the secretary! No matter how great some activities SOS comes up with may be, we cannot do without a secretary and I know that I will be the best container in keeping the committee organized and entertain not only next year’s Sci One students, but also you guys, the true Science One Survivors!
So, please vote for me as secretary! Thank you.


And I would go around congratulating people, but the list isn’t up yet…so at this time, I will congratulate Shouj for winning Prez, and Vivien and Ravi for automatically winning SoCo!


So I’m sitting here in the UBC Science One Lounge analyzing some of my Term 2 Measurement project data, and the room is pretty quiet. Fellow classmates are all around me, doing some kind of work and each minding his or her own business. Sometimes we have little conversations but they are short and quiet, mindful of the atmosphere of the room.
Suddenly, an annoying “ring ring” sound can be heard from within the secretary’s room. And then, “Hi Honey~,” …
I almost burst out in hysteric laughter. Hi Honey? Who knew the secretary had a “honey.” She is about the most anal person to live on this planet, tireless in yelling at us to be quiet when we are quite quiet.
Let me recount a frequent conversation that always goes on between her and us:
*Clack Clack Clack* of her heels walking towards us…
“Are you guys in Science One?”
“Do you people see those signs on the walls? Those big orange signs?”
“Well do you guys know what they say? QUIET STUDY AREA. THIS IS NOT A LUNCH ROOM. If you want to chat with your friends and eat lunch, go elsewhere. There are people trying to study here and you guys are being very distruptive. If I have to come out here one more time to tell you guys, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Got that?”
and then she clacks on to another part of the room and delivers the same message to a bunch of other innocents.
The thing is, we are NOT LOUD. And usually when we’re in the lounge, it’s during lunch and we’re all there having lunch, nobody is actually doing work unless it’s last minute lab prep.
And that’s not all. According to her, we can’t be loud because that would be disruptive to others, but what about her?
“Hi Honey~don’t worry about it honey~okay see you~”
The sound of her talking on her frickin phone to her “honey” resonates throughout the whole room. So disruptive. Seriously, if I had no care for my face or impression or whatever, I’d walk into her room and tell her “Could you be quiet please? We’re trying to work here.” Or according to Robin, “This isn’t a phone booth.”
Wouldn’t that be loverly. If only, right?
Anthony brought up that a perfect T2 project would be to install a sound measuring device at the secretary’s door. Every time she comes out to yell at us, we record the reading on the device. Every time we hear her talking on her phone, we record. Then we compare the levels of sound for each situation and see if her position about us being disruptive is justified.

Fitness Trade-Offs for Survival

So I’ve realized that I haven’t posted since Friday…I am horrible at keeping a blog. Or maybe my writing juices just got drained in my last post, rendering me mentally and intellectually unable to write a new post. Anyways, here I am at 2:39PM on Thanksgiving Monday, feeling a bit cranky and annoyed at the whole world. For no apparent reason.

I’ve been like this since Friday night; I have become an easily irritable creature.
Quite unusual.

I got annoyed when my mother laughed too loud while watching some chinese TV show even though I myself laugh loudly very often. I got annoyed when my brother downloaded Starcraft when I sort of wanted to download it for myself too. But not really. I got annoyed when my father insisted that he change the height of my table lamp because he thought it was too low when it really was too low. I got annoyed at myself for getting annoyed at all these things and that led me to think…why am I so annoyed?

In the last paragraph I’ve used the word “annoyed” so many times that it no longer looks like a real English word to me.

I think the only times when I didn’t really feel annoyed at anything was on MSN, while talking to my friends. You guys are too cool. I mentioned part of what I will now say last night, but I feel the necessity to reiterate because I find it extremely significant. (Prepare yourself for extreme corny material.)

I LOVE YOU GUYS. platonically. And I’m not saying it just because, I’m saying it because I really mean it. Thank you guys for always cracking me up with your random comments and phrases that usually have no point at all. Thank you for listening to me rant or bitch about things when I really needed someone to talk/type to. Thank you for helping me out with problems and homeworks. Thank you for all the little things that you’ve done in the short time that we’ve known each other. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Now I’ve said the words “thank you” so many times that it also gets dumped into the no-longer-English box for the moment.

So anyways, back to the question I posed earlier in this post: “Why am I so annoyed?”

Maybe it has something to do with life history fitness trade-offs. Here is an analogy.

Before this weekend, midterms and PCAT were farther away, so Joan was living relatively comfortably in that environment. That is not to say that she was not under any stress, but she seemed to be able to handle it pretty well with her balance of happiness and productivity.
Now, midterms and PCAT are a shorter time interval away and Joan realizes that in order to be able to study for these exams, she must increase her productivity to complete all the other assignments, homework, and readings. Her dramatic increase in productivity has allowed her to finish more work than usual, but it has also drained most of her energy, rendering her less able to maintain a reasonable happiness level by herself.

Her productivity and happiness levels can also be explained individually through chemical reactions. The path for her increase in productivity is a spontaneous reaction, with a negative Gibbs Energy. This also indicates that the reverse of this reaction, her decrease in productivity, is nonspontaneous, and can only occur if forced by an external factor. The path for her decrease in happiness is also a spontaneous reaction. This also means that her increase in happiness is nonspontaneous, and is only possible through an input of energy from her surroundings.
Since Joan’s productivity and happiness levels are inversely proportional to one another, the external factor that causes her decrease in productivity and increase in happiness should be the same.

What do you think this factor is? Comment to answer.

Now I must return to Term 1 Project. Good bye.