Hello! My name is Joan, and welcome to my blog.

I recently graduated from UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and am currently a Pharmacy Resident with Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services. My ultimate professional and lifetime goal is to become a trusted and respected clinician.

When I’m not studying or working, I have many hobbies to balance out my life and appease my left brain. I try to fit in regular physical activity, and I love to run, play badminton, and spin. I’ve recently rediscovered my love for volleyball, and I look forward to the next season with my residency team, Amoxikillin’. I’m an amateur artist of sorts; I’ve been trained classically in piano but now play for pleasure, I experiment with new amigurumi crochet projects to make things for friends and family, I love to doodle and design, and I fool around with my dSLR. Oh, and I love to bake…macarons, bien sûr!

I’ve always loved the idea of blogging to share and document my thoughts in the great echoing abyss of the Internet, but I’ve failed time and time again with staying committed. I’ve had my share of segmented times on Xanga, Blogger, and Tumblr…but I have high hopes for WordPress! Something about the interface makes it more appealing, and I am digging the customizability and organizational tools.

Here, you will find rants and epiphanies (Noodle Soup), posts about my creative endeavours (Right Brain Food), entries of my infrequent but memorable travels (Travel Bug), and posts about figure skating (Skating Fangirling).

And that’s my bowl of noodles…with maybe more carbs than you bargained for. 🙂


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