Eurotripe: Day 5 – 12 (Aug 18-25) Spain, France, Monaco, Italy

Stops: Liberty of the Seas, Toulon, Marseille, Villefranche, Monaco, Livorno, Florence (Firenze), Pisa, Civitavecchia, Roma, Naples, Pompei, Sorrento

Day 5 (Aug 18) – Barcelona – Liberty of the Seas
*Olympic stadium quite well preserved. Saw the diving pool where the divers would look like they were flying over the city of Barcelona. So cool!
*no free wifi on cruise, so posts will be less on-time as I attempt to hunt down free wifi spots at our ports of call.
*the ship is so big, there are so many things to do…rock climbing, gym, swimming, ice rink, shows…don’t know where to begin!

Day 6 (Aug 19) – Toulon – Marseille
*Nothing much happened…we had a pos tour guide so it was lame. But the view of Marseille from Notre Dame de la garde was pretty.
*soap (72% pure olive oil)

Day 7 (Aug 20) – Villefranche – Monte Carlo – Monaco – Eze – Nice
*Visited Monte Carlo and walked past a hairpin turn of a road that is part of Formula 1 Racing tournaments
*Strolled the streets of Monaco’s old town after my brother got slightly tipsy from a giant tumbler of beer at lunch!
*Visited the gorgeous Monaco Cathedral, where Princess Grace and Prince Rainier are buried.
*Fragonard perfumery – got enticed into purchasing a small bottle of pure perfume 😛
*Hiked up to the medieval village of Eze

Day 8 (Aug 21) – Livorno – Florence- Pisa
*Sexy Italian tour guide number 1. I swear he has ADD but he was awesome. Taught us a bit of Italian. Buon giorno. Quanto costa? Ciao! Mamma mia! And a whole bunch of hand signs too. 😀
*Italian drivers are crazy…if you want to cross the street, just go and keep walking at a constant pace…the car will stop…eventually.
*Street sign designers in Florence are trolls. One ‘no entry’ sign depicted a guy driving a car viewed from the front, another ‘no entry’ sign depicted a guy lifting the white bar, and a ‘T intersection’ sign depicted a crucified Jesus. All stick figures. XD
*The base of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is made slanted too…so if you were to stand at the base, the tour would appear straight, but the rest of the world would appear slanted.

Day 9 (Aug 22) – Civitavecchia – Rome
*Sexy Italian tour guide number 2.

Day 10 (Aug 23) – Naples – Pompei – Sorrento
*Pompei was amazing! So mindblowing to walk through the ancient city that was once buried in volcanic ash. Most exciting part was walking through the brothel lol. Boy, those people were short – the beds are so small.
*Real cameos are carved from seashells.
*Sorrento was the prettiest place we’ve been to. Stunning cliffside villas, awesome beaches that I wanted to go to, and good cheap authentic shopping.
*Limoncello is like soju but with a bit of lemon flavour. bleh.
*Shoes can be so cheap! Bought a pair of genuine leather shoes made in Italy for 20 Euros.

Day 11 (Aug 24) – @ Sea
*nothing special…except that we got to sleep in, and enjoy our last day of amazing cruiseship amenities!


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