Eurotripe: Day 3 (Aug 16) – Paris Encore

Musee de Louvre, Tours de Notre Dame, Musee D’Orsay, Opera, Galleries Lafayette, Laduree

*You need to go to the Louvre with only one other person who appreciates art as much as you do. I felt like I was in a perpetual tug-of-war.


*Tours de Notre-Dame has super high arching ceilings..and the stained glass windows really are gorgeous.

*Galleries Lafayette is a mega department store…and no lame brands like ‘Jessica’. Couture, name brands. Every girl’s shopping paradise (if you have the bucks).

*Laduree is so good. It has inspired me to move onto another aspect of macaron making – the actual filling. Laduree makes each one so delicious and so fresh. Lemon-basil was my fav.

*I know now…my non-parisian ‘oui’ gives me away.
*Escargots taste like…any mollusk.
*Soup a l’onion in Paris really is like no other. So rich in flavour…nothing like the thin salty stuff you get when you order it in Vancouver.
*French people like their dinner bread basket baguettes to be tough and chewy. I vaguely recall Mme Dejong mentioning this.


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