Eurotripe: Day 1 (Aug 14) – YVR to LHR to ORY

Alas, an opportunity for me to blog once again! As my friends might know, I have just embarked on a w-week trip to Europe with my family. It is my first time, and I am severely stoked! We are spending our first night in Paris after a grueling trip, and I am now in bed starting this post…when I really should be sleeping (6:30am wake-up call tomorrow for Versailles!)

Anyhow, since I am blogging this out of my phone, the only feasible and motivating way to keep myself going is not to force myself to write full sentences/paragraphs. I will just be jotting down epiphanies, culture shocks, memorable experiences, and random thoughts here…maybe even some photos! So I invite you to be a part of my journey through my blog.

From here on out, proper grammar is only an option.

*london heathrow airport washrooms have pre-cut toilet paper squares, no ripping required. Is that how the rest of london is like?
*BA inflight announcers talk too fast. I only understand half of what they say.
*all the French people I have encountered thus far have been helpful and tolerant of my horrible french.
*Orly airport is kind of sad.
*the hotel smells like the receptionist…men’s cologne.
*hotel has tiny adorable lift, only fits 2 people + 2 suitcases at one time.556528_3495335515594_1840595389_n

A demain! (not telling where we are going yet. :D)


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