Happy 2012! & Photography

Happy 2012! So I haven’t been blogging for a very, very, very long time, and I have to admit that keeping up with this blog is proving quite a challenge for me. I am in my toughest year of pharmacy school, and so mostly I don’t have time (yes I know, I can MAKE time). And when I do have time, I’m usually too tired to do anything else other than sit around and watch some movies. So I figure, I might as well try to blog a little bit more since it’s still the beginning of term and things have not spiraled out of control just yet.

So I’m an amateur at quite a lot of things, and digital photography is one of them. I bought my Canon Rebel T1i dSLR last year, recently got some new lens from online christmas sales, and just started to get the hang of the definitions and applications of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, to name a few. The camera itself is a piece of art, and I love how versatile and accommodating it is at allowing me to create my own pieces of art. Taking a walk outside is quite therapeutic for me, just my camera and I, as I open my eyes to find unique, beautiful, or peculiar things in my ordinary neighbourhood and try to capture them through my lens. I find seasonal, diurnal, spontaneous things most precious, such as the golden sun rays reflecting off windows before sunset, the frozen dewdrops atop blades of grass on a frosty winters day, or a bumblebee getting drunk on nectar in a bed of vibrant flowers in midsummer. But I’m also starting to explore how to create unnatural images using my camera. For example, I went out for my first night shooting a few days ago and attempted to draw a heart using my neighbour’s christmas lights.

There are so many possibilities for digital photography, compounded from the repertoire of my dSLR, and plethora of objects and potential subjects…and I am so far from even distinctly learning about everything. But my love for creating beautiful, interesting images will never fade, and I relish the idea that this will be a lifelong project for me.


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