Tim Gunn bobblehead

Recently for a friend’s birthday present, I made her a Tim Gunn bobblehead because he is one of her favourite TV characters, and also such a product has been discontinued from the Project Runway website.

Many people have asked me how I did it, and to be very honest – I’m not quite sure either! This was something that I had never done before; I only had a vision in my mind and I did my best to fulfill it. All I used were some very inexpensive materials and some creative innovation.

If you are feeling inspired to do something like this yourself, here is a list of my materials to start you off:

  • air-dry modelling clay purchased at a local 2-dollar store
  • 1 empty plastic spool (used to carry thread)
  • 1 button with protruding loop out the back (button face wide enough to sit on the top of the spool, with the loop inserted into the spool centre shaft)
  • 2 springs from old ballpoint pens
  • wire
  • epoxy (overkill, but makes sure that the thing is sturdy!)
  • modelling tools
  • 1 rock
  • 1 long bamboo skewer rod
  • acrylic paint
  • rhinestones

And where exactly do all these materials fall into the process? Maybe that is for you to figure out. Unless I have time to make a full tutorial in the future…teehee.


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