the last day of winterly freedom

Yesterday, on the last day of winter holidays, I went to Grouse Mountain with some friends to go skiing! At around 8am, the majority of us gathered from all corners of Vancouver at the Waterfront station to board the Seabus, which then took us to Lonsdale Quay. There, we were met by our last friend, who drove graciously drove us in his “pedo van” up to the base of the mountain.

After getting our lift tickets, going up the mountain on the SkyRide, and getting our rentals, we began our first run down The Cut, the most scenic run on Grouse. We were so lucky to have chosen that day to be there – what a beautiful scene to behold! The sun had risen above the city and painted the waters and glass with a shimmering white gold. A long, heavy white cloud covered the Burrard inlet through which we had sailed on the Seabus earlier, but it lifted as the day grew older. Layers of fog rested on far away landmasses, but the vast sky was a clear blue save for a few gentle cirrus clouds just floating. The skiing was great too – I had better control of my skis than the last time, and with a gentle push and lots of encouragement from my friends, I skied down my first blue run!

But given that it was the last day of winter holidays for all public schools too, it was a day of waiting:

  • waiting 10 minutes for the lift ticket
  • waiting to board the SkyRide
  • waiting to get our rentals
  • waiting 15 minutes for the janitor to finish cleaning the girl’s room so we could go pee
  • waiting between 5-25 minutes for the chair lift
  • waiting for food

Lots and lots of waiting…but all so worth it!

And it was also a day of firsts:

  • my first time riding the seabus (that I remember, at least. I’m sure I had ridden it before when I was younger.)
  • my first time skiing on a blue run
  • my first time seeing the whole of Vancouver from such a height with unobstructed view
  • my first time seeing the windmill on Grouse
  • my first time not causing any trouble on the chair lifts…

Endless clear skies allowed for a magnificent view of the city, enjoyed in the company of some wonderful friends.

but hey, don’t be hatin’ if you weren’t there! You may be a wonderful friend of mine, too. 🙂 I am lucky to have many wonderful friends.


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