Holiday To-Do List…

I’m studying and I get distracted. So I make a list of fun things to do this christmas break as I procrastinate. NBD 😀

  1. go shopping for yarn at Wal-Mart.
  2. crochet Domokun.
  3. hang out with the dandy lion that roars.
  4. eat at Charcoal with HW and JC.
  5. go leather-jacket-shopping with HW.
  6. hang out with my favourite db-er.
  7. catch up with my dcc baddie buddie.
  8. crochet Kirby and epic hats.
  9. sleep.
  10. go to JAY CHOU CONCERT!!!! with mom and Sj.
  11. learn, practice, and record “My Grown-Up Christmas List”.
  12. to be continued…….

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