This is a battlefield, strewn with the remains of a lost dream.

In times recently past, this weathered land was dressed in a soft, gleaming veil of stark white. Innocent. Beautiful. But silently dangerous. Yet, in the hearts of the young, and those still young at heart, this uncharacteristic brightness provoked the pent up desire for a wintertide fantasy. A paradise of hot chocolate with marshmallows after an adventure in Narnia. A utopia of escaping the wrath of school and work. A wonderland of romance, couples sharing each other’s warmth in the bitter cold.

But nature is ever-changing and relentless. A tempest of unsuspecting daggers and enduring winds broke the magical spell and brought the imperfect, white monuments to ruins. The silvery blanket that spread the ground was permeated and obliterated, its clear blood seeping into the earth.

All that is left are the corpses of various noble and graceful creatures, created during the glory of the white wonderland. But they, too, will disappear slowly, and be forgotten, as we return to our selfish and narrow-visioned existences.


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