Pokemon is Timeless.

When I was a child, Pokemon was the greatest monument in my life…other than Sailor Moon. I used to watch all the original Pokemon TV episodes on YTV, play the trading card game with friends at school, and role-played Pokemon battles with little plastic figurines. I’ve purchased Pokemon handbooks from Scholastic, and I’ve played almost every game on Nintendo game boy that has ever come out. As I moved forward in my schooling, Pokemon grew and evolved along with me. Now there are so many new Pokemon that I can’t even keep track…but that hasn’t stopped me from trying to stay updated. I still love it to bits.

Here is a link to a comic that my friend sent me. It’s so true!

Now, I find myself asking, what is it about Pokemon that makes it so timeless? It has amused most of us as children in elementary and middle school, some of us in high school…but why does it still interest university students and beyond? Procrastination? Nostalgia? Thirst for adventure? Share your opinion below!

PS. Why hasn’t Ash Ketchum aged in the last 10 years? Seriously.


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