New Languages

I have always been fascinated with different languages. I love hearing the different accents of mandarin, I adore hearing little french children speak french, and I hope to learn many more languages in my life.

But nothing interests me more than…new languages. I’ve always known that the boy school is a very unique society in a league of its own. But my younger brother recently informed me that they also have a very unique way of communicating with each other through speech and body expressions. I decided that I could not let this opportunistic moment pass, and must blog about it while it is still fresh in my mind.

The Dictionary of Saints-Language (subject to additions):

  1. “e-bey” : Used to salute each other.Usually accompanied with a raise of one hand as if to salute, and a flick of the wrist. Spoken in a high pitch.
  2. “hey.” : Used to salute each other. The manly way. Spoken in a low pitch.
  3. raising eyebrows at one another  : Used to salute each other. Sometimes used to make girls swoon.
  4. “cool story, bro” : phrase, used to commend others when they tell stories. Can be used sarcastically or genuinely. Spoken in a high pitch, may or may not be accompanied by voice cracking.
  5. “si (insert voice crack) ck” : adjective, used on it’s own. Used to express admiration in what others say/do. Can be used interchangeably with “cool story, bro”. Can be used sarcastically or genuinely.
  6. “derp derp derp” : phrase, used to express hilarity and friendly disgust when someone fails in something. Can be repeated many times at once.
  7. “noob” : noun, used to label someone as a newbie, failure, clutz. (Prehistoric, not actually used.)
  8. “ceeb”: noun. Synonym: asian.
  9. “foig” : noun. Synonyms: fail, noob.

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