Prof Can’t do Arithmetic.

As university students, getting marks deducted on assessments is an everyday phenomenon. It is something that we have gotten used to, and in most cases, they are reasonable deductions because we are the ones at fault. Most of the time.

Today, in my summer school course, we got to see the quiz we did last Friday. There was this multiple choice question that a few friends and I had been questioning since Friday, and that was because we didn’t feel any of the answers were correct. We saw the quiz and, lo, we got that question wrong because we didn’t choose the answer that was ‘right’. Here’s a simple demonstration of what the question looked like:

Choose the BEST Answer:
Q: 5+2 =
A) 1
B) 6
C) 100
D) 12
E) 52

So apparently 6 was the right answer.

We asked our instructor about this in class, and she simply got offended and turned the blame onto us: “You could have raised your hand and asked about it during the exam.” “You should have made a note on the exam to show me that you understood.” “So if 6 isn’t the right answer, then what about the other ones? You just choose the best answer. It even says at the beginning of the exam.”

Well, ma’am, we didn’t tell you during the exam because we weren’t even sure that we were right – we only knew exactly when we went home and checked the notes.
And seriously…6 might be the BEST answer, but doesn’t best usually mean correct? In this case, 6 is definitely NOT correct. Hello, 5+2 = 7. I don’t see the answer in the choices above. She might as well be Big Brother and force us to believe that 5+2=6 with some sort of torture.
Quite frankly, we think she just doesn’t know the material and isn’t willing to accept her mistake and look like a fool in front of the whole class.

In the end, we decided to let it go because it’s still early in the course and we did not want to stay in her bad books. We decided to take it easy. The End.

PS. This is NOT actually a simple arithmetic course. It is a Food, Nutrition and Health course. The question above was simply a brilliant illustration drafted by my friend Hils.


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