Vancouver 2010 Olympics – DAY 7 – Mens Free Skate…Quality over Quad!

Congratulations to Evan Lysacek for winning Gold in Mens Figure Skating at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (score 257.67)! Also I must thank him for winning, because by doing so he has proved to Evgeni Plushenko that quality can be worth more than the quad. Evan’s skate was clean, perfect, and enthralling – definitely an Olympic Gold medal performance and he certainly deserves this glory.

Plushenko settles for Silver (256.36), and Daisuke Takahashi takes the Bronze (247.23), finally winning a medal in mens figure skating for Japan.
(Picture from Paul Chiasson, The Canadian Press)

Also, Congratulations to Patrick Chan for finishing in 5th place at his first Olympic games ever (score of 241.42). This is already an amazing accomplishment and Canada is so proud of him. In our hopes of winning the gold medal for mens figure skating, we may have forgotten that Patrick is only 19 and it is only his first Olympics…well, he is, and it is! This Olympics has been a great experience for him, and from here on he can only continue to improve and work towards achieving better results in competitions of the future. Like he said last night, he’s climbed the Mt. Everest of athletes once, the Olympics, and every other competition will seem so much easier to cope with. He’s so talented and I can’t wait to see him skate more…the nearest is the Exhibition Gala on Feb 27th! =D

(Pictures by Getty Images, from

I must also send my regards to Stephane Lambiel(4th at 246.72) and Nobunari Oda (7th at 238.54). Lambiel seems to have it all – both quad and quality. Unfortunately, he hadn’t delivered as well as he could this Olympics, and he just missed the podium by a little less than 1 point. And Oda…he would’ve pulled up in front of Patrick Chan if not for his skate mishap near the end of his performance, which caused him to lose 2.00+ points. It was so unfortunate, but I suppose the good thing is that it didn’t make him lose a spot on the podium.

And skating tomorrow night : Ice Dance – Compulsory! Canada’s Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier are skating in the 4th flight, while Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are skating very last, in the 6th flight. Hopefully the kids at Canuck Place tomorrow night will let me watch some figure skating on TV – so I can follow along!


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