Vancouver 2010 Olympics – DAY 5 – Mens Short FS

Tonight’s Mens Short program at the Pacific Coliseum was an exciting yet tense event for contending male figure skaters – it was the chance to prove themselves worthy.

Russia’s Evgeni Plushenko came out of retirement to compete once more in the Olympics, and he has come back as proud as ever. Tonight he brought a quad in combination and now has the top score entering the free skate on Thursday(see below for score list). To my understanding, it is his belief that he is the best, and that a male figure skater without a quad is not worthy to compete.

Plushenko probably entered the Olympics thinking that no other skater would even come close to him in score – well if that’s what he thought, then he certainly thought wrong…very wrong. Tonight, second and third places were very closely held by Evan Lysacek of USA and Daisuke Takahashi of Japan, both of whose SUPERB programs did NOT include a quad.

(Picture taken from

Canada’s Patrick Chan is the one Canada was watching tonight, and I believe he made an admirable effort. He is one who believes that the quad is not everything, and rightfully so – nobody can match the grace and delicate details he puts into every move he makes, and if anybody can rack up points from that second artistic score, it’s Patrick Chan. Although his performance tonight was not his best (stepped out on the triple axle, small mistakes, and 1.00 deduction from not ending in time with the music), he still came out 7th and may still be considered in contention for a medal placing. His spot now is probably better for him mentally than of he were placed higher, since he doesn’t have so much pressure going into the free skate and has a better chance to show everything he’s got…and help prove Plushenko wrong!

Dear Patrick,
you made a really great effort tonight, and Canada is so proud of you! Take a break tomorrow and embrace the Olympic atmosphere of Vancouver, then come back on Thursday and give it your all. You are so talented and we love you so much. GO PATRICK GO!
Love, Joan from Vancouver – your fan!!!!

Some major disappointments tonight include the performances of Brian Joubert of France, Vaughn Chipeur of Canada, and Tomas Verner of Czech Republic, and Jeremy Abbott of USA. These men unfortunately did not deliver tonight, and are well out of contention for the podium. Next time, boys!

Top 10 Results and other mentions after Mens Short Program
1 | Evgeni Plushenko 90.85
2 | Evan Lysacek 90.30
3 | Daisuke Takahashi 90.25
4 | Nobunari Oda 84.85
5 | Stephane Lambiel 84.63
6 | Johnny Weir 82.10
7 | Patrick Chan 81.12
8 | Takahiko Kozuka 79.59
9 | Michal Brezina 78.80
10| Denis Ten 76.24

15| Jeremy Abbott 69.40
18| Brian Joubert 68.00
19| Tomas Verner 65.32
24| Vaughn Chipeur 57.22

(results reported from

Mens Free Skate will be happening on Thursday…til then! Keep your head up, Patrick!

(On another note, I just saw on TV that the lovely Mary Murphy from SYTYCD is in town…and she screamed her way across the zipline in downtown Vancouver.)


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