Vancouver 2010 Olympics – DAY 3 – Pairs Short Program

新年快樂, 身體建康, 學業進步…利是逗來!
Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!
I spent some time with my grandparents and family at lunch today, and in the afternoon I went shopping with my cousin at Richmond Centre! My buys were a Muk Muk plushie for $9.70 (usual price is $16.00!!!!!!!), The Time Traveller’s Wife on sale (!!!), and a nice hummingbird graphic tee from Jacob Connexion.

After shopping, my family and I return home to catch the figure skating pairs short program on TV! Guess what we saw in our backyard as we step out of the garage?
Yup. A pair of raccoons were humping in our backyard. I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Holy crap!” but that didn’t scare them away at all. They just kept on working, obviously too preoccupied to mind us humans. They didn’t even do anything (except for continue what they were doing) when I crept a bit closer to take this picture. They were there for at least a good 20 minutes after we left them (we kept peeking at them through the window). I hope we don’t have raccoon babies running around our house soon…

So back to skating. After immediately turning on the TV upon arrival back home, we found out that we had missed the short program of Xue Shen & Hong Bo Zhao! It turns out they had randomly picked to perform first, so unfortunately they were already done by the time we got home. =( Fortunately, has the whole 3.5 hours online, so I have just watched their program. They are simply amazing – perfect unison, huge triple twist, amazing lift, and such passion that could touch even viewers separated by a screen and kilometers away. Their world best score of 76.66 was well deserved, and they currently rank 1st after the short program.
(Picture from Associated Press.)

Germany’s Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy finished at a close 2nd of 75.96 with their breathtaking program, “Send in the Clowns.” This program of theirs is always so entertaining and beautiful, but tonight’s was not as perfect as usual – a bit of unison problem in the side-by-side element. Still, very highly scored and they are easily within reach of Gold. (Or are they?)

Currently in 3rd place is the Russian team of Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov with 74.16.
4th and 5th place are currently held by the other two Chinese pairs teams: Qing Pang & Jian Tong at 71.50 and Dan Zhang & Hao Zhang following closely at 71.28.

Canada’s own Jessica Dube & Bryce Davison are currently in 6th place, following a good performance that was flawed only with Jessica’s fall on the triple Salchow and slight unison problems. Their score was 65.36. They will need to perform their best to fight for a spot on the podium!
(Picture from Paul Chiasson, The Canadian Press)

Anabelle Langlois & Cody Hay are behind their teammates and in 7th place, following a very strong performance of their program, “Fascination,” that was awarded with a standing ovation. Even I was touched while watching it from my telly. Their score was 64.20. This was pretty amazing, following their difficult warm-up practice earlier today. I have high hopes for them for their free skate tomorrow!
(Picture from Getty Images)

And there you have it, the Pairs Figure Skating short program results.
(All scores reported from

Now for the questions:
Will Shen & Zhao win their coveted Gold medal?
Will Canada have a spot on the podium?
Will China have a clean sweep of the podium?
We’ll just have to wait and see – Pairs Free Skate is coming up tomorrow, February 15th @ 5pm.



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