Vancouver 2010 Olympics – Prelude to Pairs Short Programs

First of all…祝大家新年快樂, 恭喜發射!
Tomorrow, February 14th, is the start of the figure skating events at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and coincidentally, it is also Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year!

Figure Skating Pairs Short Program is scheduled to begin at 4:30pm, and for those who didn’t get tickets to see it (like myself), it will be broadcasted live from various channels:
CTV (9) – figure skating will be covered live as a part of their Olympic Prime Time.
TSN (30) – there will also be live coverage of figure skating during their Olympic Prime Time.
SportsNet – from 4:30 – 8:00pm, there will be complete dedication to the pairs short.

To be safe, always check with CTV Olympics for the most updated listings.

So…who’s being featured tomorrow?

From Team Canada: Jessica Dube & Bryce Davison, and Anabelle Langlois & Cody Hay!

Above photo from

GO TEAM GO! I think we’ve got a pretty strong team this year…we have a chance at a medal!

Also featured are crowd favourites and two-time Olympic Bronze medallists Xue Zhen & Hongbo Zhao from China, who are back for their 3rd Olympics in contention for a Gold medal. I can’t wait to see them skate!

Obviously, many other skaters will be competing, but since I can’t list them all, we’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow!


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