Purposeful Blogging

So this morning, I realized that I haven’t blogged here for more than a month. Actually, I haven’t blogged at all for more than a month. period. And then I asked myself, “Why have I not blogged for more than a month?” The answer became clear in a jiffy : because I don’t blog with a purpose!
Purposeful Blogging. This idea made me recall a movie I watched recently called “Julie & Julia.” Julie was able to blog about 400 recipes in 1 year because she had the goal to complete them all and share her experiences.
So now…I need a purpose. A goal.
This goal also became clear when I asked myself these questions:
What’s something exciting that will happen soon? Vancouver 2010
What do I like to watch during the Olympic Winter games? Figure skating!
Who do I want to meet? Patrick Chan!
So there you have it. In the month of February, I will blog about figure skating at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter games.
During the games, I will most probably be following every figure skating event on TV, so I’ll blog about my favourite programs/favourite skaters! I will also be out and around town, so I will make sure I bring my camera…and hopefully bump into some of my figure skating heros.
Long explanation short : I will try to blog about anything that is figure skating related at the games.
I can’t wait til the Olympics when the world comes to Vancouver!
Now…back to my term paper.


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