A Little Heart

Nehal Deo is one of many Canuck Place kids whom I have had the privilege to spend time with. I was very pleasantly surprised to find an article about him at the hospice tonight!
(He has previously been refered to as “Normie” in Malcolm’s Canuck Place Adventure challenge blog, but I felt it fitting to mention his real name here since it was already in the article.)

I’ve known Nehal and his mum Shalini for about a year now, and he really is one awesome kid who is always a treat to be around. Despite of his heart condition and that he gets tired very easily, he is always wanting to do so many things – playing in the garden, rockband, computer games…Even when he is sitting in my lap before going to bed, he is busy trying to learn how to play guitar with Malcolm.

Nehal has already had 3 successful surgeries, but because his condition is so complex, he and his family are going to Stanford in November for one more.

I sincerely hope that they will find what they are looking for in California so that Nehal can do every single thing that he wants to do.

For the complete article I have been refering to, please click HERE.

Picture courtesy of Larry Wright, The Record.
Linked article written by Jennifer Moreau, The Record.


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