Why do I suck so much at posting on this blog? And Malcolm’s blog?

I blame it on…other stuff. True, I could’ve posted over the summer, but I’ve been so busy with organizing stuff for Science One Survivors and posting on its blog, that I haven’t had much time for this or Malcolm’s.

Funny that I should feel like I have more time to post here now that school’s started.

So. What to talk about. I am drawing a ___________.

I could talk about my crazy impulse experiment this summer, when I took old pennies and submerged them in one of three chemicals : white vinegar, 1:1 diluted toothpaste, and water…but I would prefer to talk about it when I have a complete lab report written about it. Hopefully that will come later. When I have time.

I could talk about my thoughts on beginning Pharmacy school. However, there isn’t much to talk about it just yet, except for that I’m a bit overwhelmed by the miscommunication and confusion of information everywhere. Hopefully things will clear up soon, because right now, I’m not enjoying it very much. But don’t get me wrong – I’m really excited to be starting Pharmacy school. I just wish people would tell us important administrative/housekeeping information in a more organized fashion so there is no misunderstanding. Ehh…that can’t be helped though. We ARE in Canada.
One thing to look forward to is the White Coats Ceremony, which is basically a fancy term for induction into pharmacy school. We get our white coats put on for us on stage. I keep imagining that it will be in Chan Centre, when it really is only in a Life Sciences Atrium. I guess the Chan is too huge for us 1st years and our supporters…they save Chan for graduation.

I’m sorry this post has been quite boring. I promise that when I think of a good topic to write about, I will come here straight away. =)


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