So. It’s August 1st, which means I haven’t posted here for yet another month. I’m awesome!

Anyways, so I got a silver Nintendo DS Lite. I’ve been playing Professor Layton, My Pet Shop, Phoenix Wright, and of course…Pokemon Platinum on it.

I love playing these games. They are so interesting and fun and a good time killer! It’s like being a kid again, except that since I’m older, I know how to control myself and I won’t become obsessed. It’s just something else I can do when I have free time, other than reading, playing guitar, or making stuff.

But…is it really that immature? I didn’t and still don’t think so, but a few days ago I was playing some Phoenix Wright while waiting for food at a restaurant, and a bunch of rowdy kids crowded around me. They were like “Is that a DS?” “What game is that?” I suddenly felt kind of embarrassed that I, an 18-year-old university student, am playing with game systems that kids play with.

But then again…what’s the difference between this and DoTA? Not much.


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