So like…I haven’t posted in awhile. Whoa.
Well now it is officially summer for me, and I can post without something horrible hanging over my conscience ( like orgo, or road test, or pharmacy acceptance.)
So what to talk about?

Something that has puzzled me and has made me think is the whole doohickey called friendship.
I won’t question the friendships I’ve started in high school here, because many of them mean a lot to me and we still keep in touch.
Friends in university, however…a completely different story.
There are a few people I have become quite close with, I would say we are pretty good friends. I am never afraid to tell them what I think of things, because I know they respect my opinion and will have an honest discussion with me.
The above people are quite the exception, though.
Most of the so-called friendships I have made at UBC are…quite fake.
On the surface, it may seem that we are the bestest friends and do everything together. On the inside, however, I find that I cannot relate to them at all. I cannot really talk seriously with them, and…outside of class? Yes they are all very sweet people, but I don’t talk to them at all. True, we hang out…but I can never join in on their tomfoolery or jokes. I feel like an outsider, just sitting there and observing the scene.
Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining. I find that being able to sit back and just observe, I see a lot more things that most people can’t see. Still, it gets quite lonely. If not for those few people I can relate to and confide in, I would be so out of place within the frienship circle I have made in university.
So, among other things, university has taught me that making lots of new friends is nice, but only a handful will ever be true friends.


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