Long Time No Post

Hey everyone.

So it’s been a month since I last posted…I guess I’ve just been too busy slash lazy. And I’ve decided to post something tonight/day (it IS 12:09am now) because I am feeling kind of weird after getting pwned on the Biology exam and maybe posting will make me feel less weird.

So what to talk about.

Well, Science One is almost over. It’s a bit frightening to think back to last June, when I had almost settled for being a CSP kid. I know am so grateful for my parents, my friends, and my highschool teachers for believing in me and encouraging me to take up the Science One challenge, because Science One has got to be one of the best things that has happened to me.

Now that I look back on the year, I realize that I have learned and grown a lot. I have become more knowledgeable not only in subject areas, but I have also gained more skills to better cope with stressful workloaded and exam situations. I have learned what it truly means to prioritize. I have also learned to use Microsoft Outlook to its full capacity. It is now my new agenda.

Was Science One a challenge? Sure. But it wasn’t like hell at all. It was challenging because it took skill to balance all the work that was thrown at me (and some of that work was pretty challenging and time consuming), but overall I really enjoyed myself. Sometimes, when I talk to my friends who are in General Science, it seems that they had more work than we did.

One thing that made Science One less painful? The people I have met! First, the professors, who are all quite amazing people. Despite varying levels of teaching capabilities, they were all for the sole purpose of teaching us and helping us learn in the best possible ways. Second, and most importantly, my classmates. In Science One, I have met some of the most wonderful people. We’ve laughed at each other’s nerdy jokes without being embarrassed, we’ve poked each other during lectures to keep each other awake, but we have also helped each other get through homework and studying. I know that the friends I have made in Science One will last a lifetime, and that many of us will be amused to see one another in classes at UBC for years to come.

If I were given the choice of Science One or CSP again, which one would I choose?
Need I even answer that? ;P


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