The Speech that I Prepared and Never got to Present. =(

Too bad there wasn’t enough time for me to give my speech…not that I really needed it, since I won by default, but I still would’ve liked to show people that I am capable of speech-giving and am not just some wuss who got to be secretary just because nobody else ran for it!

So here is my speech, for those of you who read this blog.

Hi everyone!
In case you didn’t know already, my name is Joan, and I am running for the position as Secretary for next year’s SOS.
It would mean so much to me if you guys could vote for me!
I know that I am an excellent candidate for this position because
First – I am very organized. Those of you who have ever seen my Microsoft Outlook, which serves as my agenda, will agree. I will be most competent in keeping SOS organized!
Second – I am creative. As secretary I will not only fulfill my own duties and send awesome newsletters, but I will also contribute to new ideas for exciting events next year!
Third, and most importantly, I take this position seriously and I truly want to take an active part in helping to make next year’s Science One gang have a more memorable time.
Now I have a little analogy of what I believe that my role means.
Let’s say that someone wants to make yummy jello. However, this person has no container in which to pour in the jello powder, add the hot water, stir the mixture, and let it cool. True, this person could make little portions of jello on the table, but who wants to eat jello off of a table, no matter how good that jello is? So, in this analogy, this person represents the SOS committee, and the missing container is, of course, the secretary! No matter how great some activities SOS comes up with may be, we cannot do without a secretary and I know that I will be the best container in keeping the committee organized and entertain not only next year’s Sci One students, but also you guys, the true Science One Survivors!
So, please vote for me as secretary! Thank you.


And I would go around congratulating people, but the list isn’t up yet…so at this time, I will congratulate Shouj for winning Prez, and Vivien and Ravi for automatically winning SoCo!


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