So I’m sitting here in the UBC Science One Lounge analyzing some of my Term 2 Measurement project data, and the room is pretty quiet. Fellow classmates are all around me, doing some kind of work and each minding his or her own business. Sometimes we have little conversations but they are short and quiet, mindful of the atmosphere of the room.
Suddenly, an annoying “ring ring” sound can be heard from within the secretary’s room. And then, “Hi Honey~,” …
I almost burst out in hysteric laughter. Hi Honey? Who knew the secretary had a “honey.” She is about the most anal person to live on this planet, tireless in yelling at us to be quiet when we are quite quiet.
Let me recount a frequent conversation that always goes on between her and us:
*Clack Clack Clack* of her heels walking towards us…
“Are you guys in Science One?”
“Do you people see those signs on the walls? Those big orange signs?”
“Well do you guys know what they say? QUIET STUDY AREA. THIS IS NOT A LUNCH ROOM. If you want to chat with your friends and eat lunch, go elsewhere. There are people trying to study here and you guys are being very distruptive. If I have to come out here one more time to tell you guys, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Got that?”
and then she clacks on to another part of the room and delivers the same message to a bunch of other innocents.
The thing is, we are NOT LOUD. And usually when we’re in the lounge, it’s during lunch and we’re all there having lunch, nobody is actually doing work unless it’s last minute lab prep.
And that’s not all. According to her, we can’t be loud because that would be disruptive to others, but what about her?
“Hi Honey~don’t worry about it honey~okay see you~”
The sound of her talking on her frickin phone to her “honey” resonates throughout the whole room. So disruptive. Seriously, if I had no care for my face or impression or whatever, I’d walk into her room and tell her “Could you be quiet please? We’re trying to work here.” Or according to Robin, “This isn’t a phone booth.”
Wouldn’t that be loverly. If only, right?
Anthony brought up that a perfect T2 project would be to install a sound measuring device at the secretary’s door. Every time she comes out to yell at us, we record the reading on the device. Every time we hear her talking on her phone, we record. Then we compare the levels of sound for each situation and see if her position about us being disruptive is justified.


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