Rockband, Fergie, Guitar, and last week

After reading some of my previous solemn posts, you might have come to think that all my memories at Canuck Place are on the unhappy side, but that is completely a misconception. I apologize if you ever thought that because it is not true, and volunteering at Canuck Place is always the highlight of my week, as well as a great wind-down to the weekend on Friday nights. So tonight, instead of starting some analysis on an Orwell essay for English, I decided to blog on today’s happy happy times at CP, as well as last week’s. I must follow Malcolm’s example in writing a sort of a log of each volunteer shift every Friday; perhaps I will make it a ritual to sit down every Friday and post about the happenings of that day’s shift.

So anyways, I’ll talk a bit about today first.
I finally got to see Malcolm again after over a month, what with vacation and his getting sick and stuff. Also met a new family volunteer to the Friday night shift, Steven, and we had a jolly great dinner with the families and nurses, along with my flinging of butter chicken sauce onto the front of my jacket.
Then we went into the Sun room with Malcolm and Steve(family room with tv, air hockey, play house, couches, xbox) and we were surrounded by a huge family that was surrounded a small boy in a rollable easy chair. We went up to the little boy Nelson, knelt down and said hello to him and his grandparents and aunties and family in the background. Nelson suddenly sticks his arm and hand out in our direction and we thought he wanted to shake hands, so we did. But it turned out that he was pointing towards the TV and wanted to play rockband!
Little 1.5-year-old Maddie, a sibling of one of the kids, led me by the hand down to the play room to have some fun with the little sandbox. But we never stayed there long because she wanted to go find her Mommy and Daddy, so then she did.
-return to Nelson’s story-
So I got back to the Sun Room and Malcolm got rockband working, so we played song like Creep, Say It Ain’t So, I Think I’m Paranoid, etc. I played guitar for most of it, then took over drums, while Malcolm sang and helped Nelson’s mom with playing Nelson’s part (he’s only three or four and doesn’t really know how to play!) Well anyways that was great fun, as it always is when Malcolm sings.
After we finished playing, I went to hang out with a teen Carly, and we went to the School Room where she wanted to watch some youtube music videos. We watched titanic, fergie, rihanna, pussy cat dolls…and Carly was singing along to the songs too! But she only sang when Malcolm wasn’t nearby.
Then Carly got tired and sleepy so we went downstairs, where we found Steve cuddling with baby Jordie, and Nelson with mom watching Spiderman! Then Nelson caught sight of some guitars hanging up on the wall and asked us to get one down for him. Malcolm got one as well, and we spent some time just playing around with the guitar strings, and also tried to teach Nelson how to do a real rocker look after strumming the guitar. His mom even came to take a picture of us!
Then it got to be Nelson’s bed time and also time for us to go. Tonight really went by fast – what fun!

Now a short blurb on last week:
So it was Jen’s family volunteer week (she alternates between family and receptionist). I also met Casey, who was a surprise substitute, and is actually the roommate of one of my highschool’s ex-interns last year! What a small world. Then Martin came in subbing for Tony but Martin left soon afterwards since the night was quite quiet. So anyways, Casey, Jen and I spent time with two awesome siblings – Lucas and Gloria (6 and 8 year olds). They initially were playing some computer game but we coaxed them out of it, and we played dress-up and did some painting and fun stuff! That night was truly one of the best shifts I’ve ever had.

Wow that was a long post. Well worth it though!


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