Fitness Trade-Offs for Survival

So I’ve realized that I haven’t posted since Friday…I am horrible at keeping a blog. Or maybe my writing juices just got drained in my last post, rendering me mentally and intellectually unable to write a new post. Anyways, here I am at 2:39PM on Thanksgiving Monday, feeling a bit cranky and annoyed at the whole world. For no apparent reason.

I’ve been like this since Friday night; I have become an easily irritable creature.
Quite unusual.

I got annoyed when my mother laughed too loud while watching some chinese TV show even though I myself laugh loudly very often. I got annoyed when my brother downloaded Starcraft when I sort of wanted to download it for myself too. But not really. I got annoyed when my father insisted that he change the height of my table lamp because he thought it was too low when it really was too low. I got annoyed at myself for getting annoyed at all these things and that led me to think…why am I so annoyed?

In the last paragraph I’ve used the word “annoyed” so many times that it no longer looks like a real English word to me.

I think the only times when I didn’t really feel annoyed at anything was on MSN, while talking to my friends. You guys are too cool. I mentioned part of what I will now say last night, but I feel the necessity to reiterate because I find it extremely significant. (Prepare yourself for extreme corny material.)

I LOVE YOU GUYS. platonically. And I’m not saying it just because, I’m saying it because I really mean it. Thank you guys for always cracking me up with your random comments and phrases that usually have no point at all. Thank you for listening to me rant or bitch about things when I really needed someone to talk/type to. Thank you for helping me out with problems and homeworks. Thank you for all the little things that you’ve done in the short time that we’ve known each other. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Now I’ve said the words “thank you” so many times that it also gets dumped into the no-longer-English box for the moment.

So anyways, back to the question I posed earlier in this post: “Why am I so annoyed?”

Maybe it has something to do with life history fitness trade-offs. Here is an analogy.

Before this weekend, midterms and PCAT were farther away, so Joan was living relatively comfortably in that environment. That is not to say that she was not under any stress, but she seemed to be able to handle it pretty well with her balance of happiness and productivity.
Now, midterms and PCAT are a shorter time interval away and Joan realizes that in order to be able to study for these exams, she must increase her productivity to complete all the other assignments, homework, and readings. Her dramatic increase in productivity has allowed her to finish more work than usual, but it has also drained most of her energy, rendering her less able to maintain a reasonable happiness level by herself.

Her productivity and happiness levels can also be explained individually through chemical reactions. The path for her increase in productivity is a spontaneous reaction, with a negative Gibbs Energy. This also indicates that the reverse of this reaction, her decrease in productivity, is nonspontaneous, and can only occur if forced by an external factor. The path for her decrease in happiness is also a spontaneous reaction. This also means that her increase in happiness is nonspontaneous, and is only possible through an input of energy from her surroundings.
Since Joan’s productivity and happiness levels are inversely proportional to one another, the external factor that causes her decrease in productivity and increase in happiness should be the same.

What do you think this factor is? Comment to answer.

Now I must return to Term 1 Project. Good bye.


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