Yay, My First Post

So instead of working on the unbelievable amount of homework and assignments I have waiting for me, I write my first post in my first blog that will actually have real meaning to me. In my youth, not too long ago, I had a xanga blog, but I used it only for the interest of social networking. I never really took them quite seriously and always wrote things FOR people to read. So today, inspired by my friend, I thought it would be cool to have a blog to write whatever I wanted, regardless of whether people read it or not. Sort of like a diary, but not, for the internet is indeed a sketchy place…I fear the monsters that lurk in the cyber-shadows.

Today has been kind of a weird day…nothing strange happened or anything, but I became passively contemplative during lunch time. That probably doesn’t make sense, but what I mean is that I plugged myself into my iPod, sat in the corner of the lunch room, and stared out the window with a blank mind, while my friends were all loud and social and playing hangman. I just…didn’t feel like being loud today. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe…I’m not looking forward to getting my English test back tomorrow. Maybe I’m feeling overwhelmed by the intense workload. Actually, I’m not overwhelmed because I’ve come to accept the fact that university = work and there is nothing I can do about this truth. Horrible. But I’m okay. I have friends to get through all the shit with. Or so I believe…laugh. out. loud.

So now I really am getting tired, and I think I will end with a poem that I wrote in January about highschool graduation and the going-of-separate-ways to university. I am yearning for the company of my old friends, good old friends. Now I’m getting nostalgic. Okay. Here’s the poem. (It’s in Chinese, by the way. To be more specific, it is in Cantonese. yay.)


作者: Joan
語言: 粵語
完成日期: 2008年1月29日



但我們的決心 絕不能阻止

聖誕回府記著call me!


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